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Ask before you buy

We recommend that you always buy British made Towers and Components, so before you purchase any sort of Tower, ask where it's been manufactured?

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Instruction Manuals

Lewis product scaffolding tower instruction manuals provide complete information on the operation of Lewis products.

Scaffold offers replacement instruction manuals for most our products as free downloads. Soft-bound printed copies are also available for some products.

Please note:
Adobe Reader® is required to view/print all downloadable documentation herein.
If this program is not available, you can download it for free.


Double Width Scaffold Towers

PDF Single Width Scaffold Towers
PDF Safe use of Ladders
PDF Podium Steps 1.2m & 1.6m - AVAILABLE SOON
PDF Folding Trade Towers - AVAILABLE SOON
PDF Stairwell Tower - AVAILABLE SOON

Fitting Toe-Boards to scaffold towers

You would of had 4No. blue plastic blocks and 4No. cut to length pieces of timber. Each block must be fitted over the horizontal tube as well as over the platform hook.  

toe board block sitting on the horizontal tube Wooden kickboards sitting in all four toeboard blocks Toe-board block
Block sits on horizontal tube  Wooden planks fitted into the blue blocks  Toe board block. Replacment blocks are priced at £

Fitting Castor to the Adjustable Leg

When you receive your brand new scaffold tower the 4 Castor and 4 adjustable legs are delivered unattached to each other. When fitting the castor to the adjustable leg for the first time, make sure that the end spigot on top of the castor is inserted fully into the end of the tube past the ball bearing. you may need to use force when inserting the castor spigot in to the adjustable leg but rest assured, this is normal. Please see diagrams below.

Adjustable leg with castor fully inserted detached view of leg and castor detached view of leg and castor
Adjustable Leg and castor fully assembled Detached view Close up of view

Locking frames together

When frames are mounted on top of each other make sure that the gold frame clips on the bottom of the frames  are engaged in the lock position before using the Tower.

showing an unlocked frame clip showing a locked frame clip
 Unlocked position    Locked Position

Replacement clips are priced at £1.50 each.

Brace positions

We have made it simple to identify the correct position of the braces, the Horizontal braces have a red anodised trigger and Diagonal braces have a blue anodised trigger.

FREE Safebrace

The Safebrace For Scaffold Towers
George Mullins

George Mullins sponsored by Lewis

George Mullins sponsored by Lewis

Craig 'Spider' Richards

Craig 'Spider' Richards sponsored by Lewis

Craig 'Spider' Richards sponsored by Lewis

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RihannaWatch Rihanna in her video dancing on our industrial towers.

Queen of pop has full trust in the LEWIS Products.

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