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Beast Mode: Craig Spider Richards vs Michal Ludwiczak – Fight Review!! No Footage!!

craig spider richards vs michal ludwiczak

It’s Craig “Spider” Richards, shot out Boxing Icon, subscribe for the latest boxing news and information on boxing.

Now as a lot of you guys would have known and were probably looking forward to, Craig “Spider” Richards versus Jake Ball on the Ryder-Sirotkin undercard today at the Copper Box. Of course that fight didn’t happen, Jake Ball, he injured his hand so Craig Richards had to take a stand-in opponent for- like a last minute from Poland, Michal Ludwiczak. I think I killed that, man.

Anyway he’s from Poland and going into this fight he has 16 wins, eight of those by knockout with eight defeats, only to be stopped three times. So Craig “Spider” Richards, he becomes the fourth person to actually stop him and he done that in round number two. And you can see with Spider, the way that he started this fight, the fact that he was permanently on the front foot.

Now, he needs the front foot to fight, let’s not make any kind of bones about it. But he’s very, very good in the back foot, he’s a very technical fighter, but in this one, he went into beast mode. Clearly, he was unhappy about Jake Ball- that fight not coming off because obviously that was a huge step up for him and what he wanted was to get onto the British level kind of challenges and then maybe European world level, obviously depends on how things go but with Craig, he just went to beast mode in this one.

This wasn’t about being technical, this wasn’t about showing skills, this was about playthrough shots and stopping this guy to send out a message of “you know what, I ain’t happy right now”. And you could see exactly what it was. He did drop Michal, I’m going to call him Michal, because his last name is quite difficult to pronounce.

So Michal. Spider dropped Michal in the first round, it was- it was a punch that landed but ultimately, I think he pretty much tripped on Richards’ heel at the same time so he went down. It was ruled a legitimate knockdown so whether or not you guys agree with it or not, it is what it is. But second round, Spider gets him on the ropes or in the corner, I should say. Teed off on him a little bit, lands a big a right hand and Michal just goes down, he deliberately takes a knee.

But he looked bothered, he looked hurt. I think the referee should have possibly stopped the fight at that point but he gave me Michal the benefit of the doubt, saying are you sure you want to carry on. He was like, yeah, yeah, fine, fine, fine. Craig Richards just came along and was just teeing off on him again, caught him with a big right hand, Michal just turned around to walk away, the referee called it off. So technically it’s a case of Michal quit in the fight, but-

And that’s how it’s going to go down. It’s going to be a retirement of the fight but ultimately, it was a knockout. I mean he was due to get banged out cold from that moment on that’s for sure. So congratulations to Spider, I’ma try and get my channel- maybe next week or maybe the week after actually because with the kids being off school next week, it’s always difficult to do interviews but I’ve got his number and everything. We were supposed to do it a couple of weeks ago but neither of us could find a time to go where we’re both free.

Obviously, Craig is training over there with Dillian Whyte, etc. So, anyway I’m proud of Craig and yes, he calls me Boxing Icons in the intro but you know, I’m not going to put him up on it. In fact, I am getting to do another one at some point. Anyway, congratulations to Craig “the Spider” Richards, he now makes it 13 wins. So congratulations. Everyone else, drop your thoughts below about the fight.

What do you make of Craig Richards? How do you think the fight would have went had he fought Jake Ball? It will certainly have been a more difficult fight but will he have got the job done? Hard to tell, hopefully we see that fight at some point, if not maybe a fight with Ricky Summers, that’d be a good one or Anthony Yarde or Frank Buglioni, Hosea Burton, Buatsi- whatever it may be. Drop your thoughts below, click that thumbs up and of course, subscribe. Catch you all on the next video.

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