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Craig ‘Spider’ Richards Becomes Southern Area Champion

craig spider richards becomes southern area champion

Craig ‘Spider’ Richards became the new Southern Area Super-middleweight champion in March thanks to a points victory over Alan Higgins.

After the fight, Richards took time out to speak to the PSB Sports channel and gave his views on the fight and how he felt having claimed the win.

It was clear from Richards’ body language how pleased he was with the win yet at the same time, he remained composed and did not get carried away with the victory. However, the London based middleweight was keen to point out how his opponent, Higgins, was unbeaten until this fight and it was not the first time Richards has handed a boxer his first defeat.

Richards commented on how Higgins had won all 12 of his previous fights and had almost double the experience of himself. It was clear Richards had done his homework on his opponent and this became evident as the post fight interview developed.

Having been asked about how the bout panned out, Richards was keen to point out how he allowed his opponent to have his moments in the ring. The plan was clearly to let Higgins throw his punches and lose energy as they connected only with Richards gloves and arms. With nothing getting through, Higgins was expending energy without any reward.

This fight also provided Richards with valuable experience inside the ring. It was the first time Richards had gone 10 rounds in a fight and as he continues to develop and work his way up the professional boxing ranks, the longer time spent in the ring could prove to be invaluable.

Despite taking a moment to enjoy the victory, Richards was keen to point out how this was only the beginning and he immediately spoke about his next steps.

Talking with confidence following his win, Richards stated how he believes he is above Southern Area level and wants to move on to bigger and better things in the world of boxing. He was happy to vacate the title and take the next step up than remain at the same level and make a defence of the belt.

Rather than waiting for the Southern Area title to vacate and then attempt to claim it, ‘Spider’ Richards took on the champion and defeated him, which clearly meant a great deal in terms of his progress and integrity.

Richards spoke well during the post fight interview and it’s obvious he not only has a plan of what he wants to achieve in boxing but also a clear idea of how he wants to reach his goals.

Craig ‘Spider’ Richards is a level-headed boxer, who has ambition coupled with the mentality and ability to succeed.