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Craig ‘Spider’ Richards Bio

craig spider richards bio sponsored by lewis
Craig ‘Spider’ Richards grew up in Lewisham, having attended primary school in Penge. Life was not easy for a young man living in this area of south London and gang culture was something which Richards could not avoid during his formative years.

Early Years

It was a case of choosing a group to fit in with or facing the consequences. Richards needed a group of friends to watch his back, as everyone did at that time. However, Richards did not decide to take up boxing to remove himself from a life of crime, he chose boxing because of his love for the sport.

In the early years at the local boxing gym, Richards was not thinking about making a career of his talent. Instead, he simply enjoyed being in the ring and had a great mix of skill and passion. As time passed by, Richards realised he had something good, something worth persevering with and this is when he made the decision to give everything towards a potential boxing career.

Richards watched on as many of the people he grew up with were going to prison or even worse, dying. In his mind, Richards had a plan which would take him to university and lead to a job in accounting but it was boxing which took over his desires after his university admission papers were lost.

A Natural Talent

Although Richards did not use boxing to escape from a life of crime, his encounters with people on the streets helped in identifying his talent. Street fighting was not uncommon and Richards soon realised he had something the other kids did not.

Using a left hook to stun his opponent and set up a powerful right handed knockout blow, Richards was ending fights before he had the opportunity to land his best shot. As Richards was waiting to use his right hand, his opponent was already down and this is when Richards understood he had a talent.

Initially, Richards mother did not want him to go boxing but thanks to a cousin, he found his way to South Norwood and Victory ABC. The next step was Lynn Athletic Boxing Club and this is where amateur coach Terry Palmer informed Richards of his boxing ability. It was Palmer who helped push Richards to the next level.

Titles Soon Followed

As an amateur, Richards started entering championships and winning titles, firstly at regional level and then further afield. Richards went on to win a gold medal at the Haringey Box Cup and the Fighter of the Tournament award.

Richards earned the nickname ‘spider’ because when he boxed, he would land punches from a tucked position, at various angles. At times, it was as if he had more than two hands and so the name ‘spider’ was born.

Now fighting in the super-middleweight division, Richards has won all 8 of his bouts to date, 3 of which have come by way of knockout. He currently holds the Southern Area super-middleweight title, following a points decision over Alan Higgins.

Super middle weight southern area champ • WBA light heavyweight contential champ

Statistical Information

Residence: Crystal Palace, London, United Kingdom
Bouts 15
W 14
D 0
L 1
KO 8
Rounds 64
KO’s 53%
Alias ‘Spider’
Born: 990-04-30 / Age 29
Debut: 2015-05-28
Division: Light heavyweight
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6′ 2?/187.96cm
Manager: Peter Simms
Promoter: Eddie Hearn