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Craig Spider Richards Inspires People to Stay at Home During COVID-19

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As some of us who are living through these unprecedented, challenging and tragic times, are discovering, it is often in the darkest hour can come the brightest light. We have seen the 8pm balcony clap that started on the continent to show the huge appreciation for health workers and all those in the front line, to lots of amazing examples of creativity and love around the world. A good example of this is the boxer, Craig Spider Richards, who has been inspiring people to stay at home during COVID-19. Richards has experienced his own challenging times recently as well.

2020 saw a tough start to the year for Richards. The boxer was left very disappointed with the decision in his lprevious fight against Chad Sugden at York Hall on the 19th December 2019. Sugden took the fight at short notice and to his credit he performed well but there was little doubt in the minds of most onlookers that Richards should have been awarded the decision. However, a draw was declared to the amazement of Richards and others in the arena.

Despite the set-back, a date was agreed for the meeting with Shakan Pitters for the vacant British light-heavyweight title. The contest was due to take place on Saturday 28th March in Coventry and Richards was handing home advantage to his opponent. Unfortunately, Richards was forced to withdraw from the fight due to a viral infection that left him unable to train. At the time he didn't realise, but now knows that he had COVID-19 and it affected him for around three and a half weeks.

It was a bitter pill to swallow for the 'Spider' who had been looking forward to the challenge for many months. Sugden was due to take his place but the fight has now been cancelled completely due to the outbreak of COVID19 in the United Kingdom and around the world. This has left Richards with a different challenge along with millions of other people who are now having to stay at home under guidance from the UK government.

However, the good news is that Richards has taken the time to create a video about how you can train and remain fit while in isolation. The boxer published his video on social media and is seen performing a selection of drills from his living room. It is currently a very tough time for everyone who is being forced to stay indoors and resist the urge of going out for a run or to the gym to train. Even those who do not go running or to the gym will be looking for ways to exercise at home and Richards has developed a fun routine.

As a professional boxer, it should come as no surprise that Richards begins with a bit of shadow boxing. Take a few minutes shadow boxing, you could even pretend to be sparring with an opponent if you wish, before taking a one minute break. Following the break, do another few minutes of shadow boxing before moving on to the next exercise.

Next, Richards moves on to another simple exercise to complete at home which is squat thrusts. This is a great workout for the quads, glutes and hamstrings but also uses the triceps, shoulders and chest. From this position, it is possible to move seamlessly into the plank pose and using the arms, to move into the press up position. You can move from the plank pose to the press up position a few times before beginning the press ups.

You may believe press ups a little boring and repetitive but Richard shows you a range of different press ups you can complete including diagonal press ups and wide press ups. Richards also makes good use of the furniture he has in the room by slotting his feet under the sofa to complete some sit ups.

So, as the man himself says, a few reps of that each day should keep you ticking over nicely until the situation passes and we are able to get back out. If it is good enough for an extremely fit professional boxer, it is good enough for everyone and you are sure to see the benefits from this workout.

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