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Craig Spider Richards interview from Peter Sims’ Gym-May 2017

craig spider richards interview from peter sims gym may 2017

Hi, this is Bernadette for The Boxing Mode, and I’m here today in Essex with Craig “Spider” Richards, Super Middleweight. How are you Craig?


You’re Spider.

Spider, yes.

How shall I address you then?

Craig’s fine. Or Spider. Pick one.

Okay. I’m going to clear this up for everybody. I’ve heard Pete’s version. Of why they call you Spider. It’s a bit of a combination. Which is the right one?

The right one, to clarify things- is because I kept hitting my sparring partners in every round from different angles. So they were like, oh he seems like he’s got more than two arms. And Pete was like, that’s why we call him Spider. So that’s where it comes from.

So that’s the original?

That’s the original.

So nothing to do with your hair?

Then Pete tried to twist it, saying it had to do with my hair, what I thought of it. But no, that’s the real reason.

So we’re sticking to it.

We’re sticking to the real reason.

Okay. With you today, I’ve been obviously watching your training session. Good training sessions are actually intense.

Yes, very intense.

So you’re up to your power, as well. I’ve seen today, which is good. How was the training session for you?

Yes, good. Working hard all the time. So- just put 100% in the gym, you know. You go back, rest, go to the gym later again. Train. And it just feels good because when you get up to fight, you know you’ve done all the work, so- Put the hard work in now, fight easy. So some people think, how come he looks like he’s going through the motions, is he not getting hard enough opponents? He’s not pushing up gears. But then they don’t understand, when you work really hard in the gym, you can go on cruise control on fight nights. So that’s what it’s about, putting the growth behind the scenes.

Good, okay. I was going to say as well, is there anything else you want to mention actually?

I just want to say thank you to everyone who comes down and supports me with my fights, thank you for the whole of team Richards, You lot are great. Every time you come out and support me for the shows, I hear you lot. I owe it to- At the last show at York Hall, I heard you all screaming Spider. It kept me motivated, I just appreciate- for everyone who always buys tickets and comes down to support. I appreciate it so much, like really appreciate. Keep supporting, and I appreciate going all the way, hopefully guys.

Brilliant. I want to thank you for your time today, it’s been a great day, really enjoyed it so thank you very much, see you again and good luck- well, not that you need it, I don’t think-

My pleasure. You always need it in this game, you never know.

That’s it, alright. Cheers very much, thank you.

Thank you.

[Craig “Spider” Richards’ pad session]

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