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Craig Spider Richards interview with Danny Flexen of Seconds Out: 29th July 2019

everybody hates craig spider richards leaving grudge matches

Danny Flexen: Danny Flexen for Seconds Out…

Craig: That’s your part…

Danny: Oh, we’re here with Craig Richards who is rocking. It’s a look. I’m going to say a bit like an up market cycle courier, or something like that?

Craig: Uh, I don’t know. You know, that’s just a quite handy, good genuine cows leather kamikaze. Um, we’re good to go.

Danny: Genuine cows leather comes from genuine cows. That’s what we like to hear. Oh, sorry. Be Good. One. No gay sponsorship for any Vegan companies. Now,

Craig, we last saw you against Andre Sterling of course. Um, impressive performance from your part. No doubt. Especially the second half of the fight where you really took over.

How’d you reflects on that and, what’s next for you?

Craig: Um, performance was good. He was okay. Um, cut it on. Think made it a lot easier. He obviously was spoiling a lot, which didn’t allow me to get the work off until I adapted and made it a lot easier for myself.

Um, that’s good, another win, another experience. Another unbeaten fighter, I’ve beaten now. Another prospect I’ve beaten.

So onwards and upwards puts me in a mandatory position for the British title, or also got my WBA call, so I can also defend that, I haven’t defended that yet. So there’s options on the table for me.

Danny: You said before the fight between yourself and current British champion, Joshua Gretzky is suitable for a higher level than the British title. What’s the word on the street? You and Gretzky are friends, do you know what I mean. Is he going to vacate?

Craig: To be honest, I don’t know what he’s going to do. Um, he’s probably still making his mind up whether he wants to vacate, he’s still got a voluntary defense as well. I’m the mandatory, but he’s got volunteer defense. I don’t think he’s defended that yet. He’s still got his voluntary defense, so he’s still got options to do.

So that’s why in the meantime, I can’t wait around. I’ve got to keep moving until I know what’s going on, but sooner or later, I’ve got to fight for the British. So we’ll see.

Danny: So in that case, he was talking about moving on here and then he, his last flight full continent or oppositional foreign opposition. Robonaut continental and paramount is not from Europe as we know. But is that a route that you’d like to go down Maybe like a fringe contender or a veteran from overseas, something like that?

Craig; I think that’d be suitable for my career at this point. I think I’ve had a lot of brush matches. Domestic duff ups.

Danny: I think you’re a really likable guy. Why does everyone have a grudge against you?Why does everyone hate you so much Craig.

Craig: I think it’s my boxing style. I think as a lot of people say that, um, better my boxing and better when you’re in the ring with me, then I look on the outside.

So I feel like people watch me and they think I could beat him and they get into me and then the cold reality hits and they lose their, they lose their career. So I think just from the outside end, people probably underestimate me and they think, well he’s got a big platform, he’s got a big profile. I’m going to try and go for him and then they come up short.

Danny: So what sort of opponent we looking at then for the next fight. If it is going to be like a veteran or dude, do you kind of look through box records, look at tapes on Youtube and saying look good against and that kind of thing.

Craig: You know what, I do and I don’t, I look sometimes I think that would be good. That’d be good. That’d be a good fat. But then I’m, sometimes I’ll get, get told that we were looking at this sort of opponent and I think, oh perfect. The next minute I’m fighting completely the opposite, so I don’t really, I’ll just take one step at a time.

Now I don’t really wrap my brain in all of that. I’ll just focus now on my training, I graft hard, I keep improving in the gym and I think about myself as a fighter rather than the management side. That’s what I’ve got a manager for and a promotion team for, for them to think about all of that. And I’ve just got to get myself prepared for whatever they told me.

Danny: Your trainer, of course in Peter Sims who hasn’t always had the credit he has deserved in the past, overshadowed to an extent through no fault of his own by at Tony Sims obviously having a big stable.

Are you kind of proud that as an additional by product of your success that he’s now getting a bit more kind of credibility and a bit more attention?

Craig: Yeah, of course. You know, um, I think like straight trainers will never get um, they credit until they produce a great fighter or not. We’ll just produce a good fight until a fire under them goes on to achieve great things. You know, it’s examples like if like Don Charles wouldn’t have got credit if it wasn’t fair to Zuora or you know, like Tony got established with Darren Barker, et Cetera, and they went on to loads of great fighters in the end.

But I think it’s always that break proof or that puts a good trainer on the map. So possibly I could be it. We are obviously move on one day to ward on as in one more titles that we’ll give him the credit for him to go down as another great trainer in the UK.

Danny: I’ve talked to you before about Anthony Yarde challenge to Sergei Kovalev, but now it’s actually been signed for Shialibins, or something that sounds a bit like that in Russia. Does that kind of less than his chances in your view that he’s got to travel?

Craig: Not really, I think it’s one of them fights that um, someone has to get knocked out. I think like it’s, uh, it’s not really a fight that I can see Andy trying to jab and move and nick it on points, whether it was in the O2 whenever it was in a couple blocks, whether it was in Russia or whether it was in America. And I feel like probably live, we’ll be trying to go out there and probably trying to get the stoppage.

He’s more likely to go in there with a mindset of winning. But I think he will think that um, Anthony is pretty green and he will probably go out there to try and get the stoppage himself. So I don’t think the venue really matters.

I think they’ve both got the same intentions and none of them plan to go 12 rounds anyway.

Danny: Strategy Wise, what is it Yarde needs to do, cos I suppose he doesn’t want to differ too much from what he’s used to, but at the same time Kovalev is a whole different level. And he may need a switch up in tactics?

Craig: I’m not sure. Like I’m not his trainer so I can’t really go in there. I’ve not sat down and stylistically, …He is a good operator. Kovalev is a good operator. And it’s just for them to get their teams together and see what they can do. You know, we’re going to say may the best man. No, no, of course not. But good frost could have more champions in the UK. Um, so if he goes and wins it and brings it back. That would be great. So yes, it’s good.

Danny: Do you think he will do it? Get off the fence. Come on. Go on Craig!

Craig: He’s got a good possibility. He’s got a good possibility.

Danny: What’s a good possibility. 60%, 70%??

Craig: I don’t know it’s boxing. You know, we’re boxing. We’re when we’re talking about world operators. So I can’t write off a guy like cover live at the same time. I think he’s a good fighter and he’s stepping up in opposition. So he’s in a position he hasn’t been in before, but at the same time he’s probably not the same fighter as he was before.

You know what his last five five so he’s lost three been knocked out twice. We know Anthony’s a good puncher. So that gives them that possibility. But at the same time with that experience in that world class knowledge he has who amply be able to step up and handle that.

And that’s why we love boxing. Because all the answers will be revealed on is it August Yeah. In August it will all be 24. Yeah, it will be revealed then. So, um, I’m smart enough to know in boxing you think that’s gonna happen and something else happens.

So I’m not going to say, oh, and Anthony’s going to go out there, knock him out. Or Kovalev is going to be too good for him. I’m interested in the fight myself.

Danny: Who from Russia with love See why did they ever at the Box Set film festival launch What’s your favorite boxing film?

Craig: Do you know what, people are going to think this is weird,but I like Southport. I think because I’m, it’s not the typical Rocky films. Obviously rocky films are obviously traditional, always gonna be rocky films. That is the number one rock you feel is the number of books and films. But I feel like in Southport the way that he bounces back lap, he comes into some glamour, his wife dies, he lose these kids. Oh yes, sorry. Sorry.

Danny: So his wife might not buy that.

Craig: His wife doesn’t. I bet his wife’s sister’s tires on them, which has him for some reason really badly. And it makes him not perform as well. I’m not gonna say if he wins or loses, but I just think because a very, the way it controversial in the film, and it’s not typical and it’s not your typical ending. I really like it. The thought process behind it, the director, director of it.

Danny: Well, we hope to see the story of your journey unfold. Maybe not in the cinema, but hopefully in a ring seat.

Craig: UNIFICATIONS and the chap.

Danny: That’s what we’re looking forward to. Brilliant. All right, Craig, we thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing your next flight. Cheers, man.