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Craig Spider Richards on Ball win and his relationship with Peter Sims, plus targeting the big fights at 175lbs

craig spider richards on ball win and his relationship with peter sims

Speaker 1: This is Thomas Lions, so wraps on TV. You’ll pull Bethnal green. Just stayed. Goodwin shot. Fortunate to be joined by despite himself. Sure. Craig Richards. How’s things great. So all they’re taking over, you know, you’ve got there, you’ve got a fight coming up there, you know, a while hopefully obviously since the Ed and Jay Paul victory. Uh, just kind of talk to me about that performance. I mean shot not to kind of within your stable, but a lot of people obviously you have had a cost is the underdog for that fight by me showed an excellent maturity and a sort of clinical and less in your performance. Just talk to me a little bit about that.

Speaker 2: It was on all this stuff. I’m a lot hard class coming through me for the stages to where I’ve got to now fitting the or the skill that you could, the learning my soul. We didn’t have a job to facts ago. Finally Nordea. I know myself well. I know my rat weight. Heavy weight. We know since I’ve moved on Boston book learning for everyone. Yeah. I’m ready to go and performance and knew when I bought stove, told him when the dispatcher, he’s boxing Jose and he had a good flight. You’ve watched a few other guys always when you don’t know the opponent, always questions. How was it just that time at that point there I needed a credible opponent. Everyone knew was good. When the is best boxers, GB, you know rank top 10 in the country. I was the underdog. It to be a big guy, big punch on all goods.

Speaker 2: Skillful. I thought this is what I need and want to wrap up before I love to do and I told everyone the whole time in the buildings, everything I said I’ll do. I did. You know I’m not going to say it but I believe it. I believe the end of the day what you’re saying, you’ve got to be careful because in the end they were going to get and you all the facts. There’s no point in your mouth. And then so I wasn’t in there execute what I said I was going to do. So that was it. How was it shocked everyone else is shot and it was a good performance and just don’t get complacent in the gym and work harder and get rid to move on for the bigger one.

Speaker 1: Yeah, I think it was well documented in the build up. Obviously you tried to kind of fill into the way you felt a lot stronger. You said that um, at the weight and light heavy weight.


Speaker 2: Hello. I’ll be trying to come and see you for about two hours.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Like I was saying about finding your life anyway, I sort of their limit and also kind of having a campaign that sigma middle and then trying to kind of develop into your most natural weight. How did you kind of feel that gave you the additive of bondage in the, let’s see, Jake in terms of the uh, the stature and attributes had a kind of a longer reach, but you able to negate that from very early on. Just talk to me a bit about kind of preparation for the fight, strange sort of work and sort of how it all kind of accumulated

Speaker 2: to get the result in the night. Was just basically, it was over a period of time, but don’t see anyone could put on weight to whatever is rubbish. It about building the rat, so the rat body parts and develop and that takes time. So it took me a while to do that to me roughly about a year to get to the weight I wanted to each right. I decided to move up, um, filled in a bit more, a bit more, a bit more, a bit more, a bit more. I’m not actually, I don’t need science to be a punch on nationally. I can punch anyway, some weight training that’s super middleweight I lost my pants power. If you notice every time I stepped over the limit, knocking them out three rounds. So now we’ve naturally got to my weight. Oh my built, I fill out the up and down more uncomfortable.

Speaker 2: And you know, when you’re constantly, you know, you can feel like you can fight anyone in your, when you’re feeling fit and ready. And I’m at that stage now where I feel like I could knock out anyone. Yeah. So, um, it took me a while to develop that. You know the training book until a lot of strength coaches and all that. I’ve got my strip coach on board now helping me out and um, my nutrition side, so my trainer is doing, then I moved over to the maximum Jimmy full time from the bar, let’s say about eight months ago. Training regimes, different training and got training smarter. You can see the developments in my performance is not 100% and towards me about our transition over to the league match room. Jimmy breadwinner obviously got cracking stable. The likes of mine, Jane Ward, Connor, I mean feelings cash towards Franklin to make his pro debut.

Speaker 2: So I mean there’s a lot of top quality fighters in the gym, don’t call Dean and so on. So I mean the competition and the gym must be, yeah. You know, how much of a positive feeling in that gym, having that sort of added motivation. Their competition was over obviously the fall doing the metro deal. Eventually little just meet her. I was the kind of going over to them action each day. Eventually people said, you know what This doesn’t make sense. Just go to the match and being full time. You can train their lessons there. I’m good with the players and we trained every day a day. Everyday is a holiday. You can feel the body as training. We’ve got training. You’re thinking this can’t be for nothing. Yeah. I think of, I can’t wait. I can’t wait because then when I get in there, this guy have to be a serious operation to be yet.

Speaker 2: So the confidence mentally we’re going to have from your physical, it’s crazy good pushing each other wrong. You can’t slap every Randall do you get to Sloan to players or laugh at you You know that you’ve got to be consistent everyday. Every session. So we travel a lot and we’ve got a like friendly competition. We get the best out of each other. So every day we’re always, and every week we’re trying to improve our own times. Say you’re putting your own times. Yeah. Or getting better from the week. So if they’re not getting better from reading, it will show us that they’ve got to get better and do more. Got To get better week in and week out. So we’ll just

Speaker 1: develop and work and connected kind of efforts, you know, it’s not progressing and obviously feeling sons had to Commonwealth title, um, Phi and then I mean like Martin j ward of asleep at British kind of surpass that come to European and now is back in the mix sort of with the European French who level. So I mean are they your aspirations to move on from domestics

Speaker 2: Splunkers lost Chrysalis off dock. The ball kept pulling out. He lost me, my total fat and I was upset and we come to the Christmas party, everyone coming in with their titles, taking pictures. Then I would just sit in there like I need to get mine. Obviously I had some it there but I don’t count anymore. So I said no next year and then myself, the WBA strap and this, I need that. And that was my year goals and I come to the year straight off the bat and got much out of it. I just want to move up getting it so when we get to nick just be spotty.

Speaker 1: Yeah, I’ll be strapped to that. Yeah. I mean, especially like, I mean someone that does deserve a special engineers psms the way he’s kind of beanie and you know, the impetus he’s had in the, in the camp. And also the relationship that you’ve developed with him. I mean looking at the kind of, the strength that you’ve developed with your moving up to light heavyweight there, the pub lonely fight, I’ve seen massive experience learning, clarify it for you. So I mean all kind of coming together. Do you feel, I mean in terms of your physical and mental preparation going into these domestic fights that you have been kind of lined up for, you feel a lot better kind of mentally and physically.

Speaker 2: Oh Leah PR working obviously for years we’ve worked with for years so we see things, we got the same kind of vision of what we’re doing. Um, we brought darkness with on board. He’s talking with the different landlords. Pads have got good technical sounding, the pads and stuff people will be watching over as well. Seeing that. Then we’ve got Tony Simmons as well now on board. He watch over what I’m doing overall as well. So like with things broke me down there to now we’ve got a collective of a team effort now. So we went along doing their fits as well to watch it and to develop my progress as me as a fire. So the whole team and Nimble, the fire made may be farming. Maybe you’ve got that router, you got Rick and burned, you’ve got my name, I say next time I’m sparring, you should maybe do that or is making that error up and collectively we all kind of do that with each other. So they weren’t looking out for each other. Now we’re a big team. We’ve obviously with no don the was there, everyone just progressing crazy

Speaker 1: and just to quickly touch on the air, the light heavyweight scene, I mean wild level, obviously the metric of all had defended his WBA bell against Joe Smith Jr mean auto, IBM kind of Johnson, Mc Shan Room with him and hidden himself. Kind of having that fight with Sean in Monterrey and so cat Apollo himself into, into the mix. I mean terms of the assessment of that division, I mean a healthy position for yourself domestically. Some big fights out there domestically, but also at world level. I mean, so just what’s your take on the old word three good duck box I think if I have to maybe possibly one or

Speaker 2: two more, a couple more duff ops off in class against some good leads. How many British domestic, maybe some European experience, different styles and then we can start looking up, moving back to the world level, trying to pick up some water. Yeah.


Speaker 1: Yeah. And a few names kind of that cycle laying around the domestic to kind of a wild level. I’ve seen recently Antony yards to be mandated for the WTO tightened against Kovalev. I mean kind of faced a lot of criticism in there, sort of wider hots in fraternity that he hasn’t had the steps up. I mean for you, you’ve kind of, you’ve always put yourself forward for those massive fights. So I mean in terms of like, uh, I mean distinction between those kinds of and level of fights. I mean, do you feel like you’re going to gain a lot more by putting it all on the line and fight in the best of the best singers

Speaker 2: has got their own plan and they’ve got, they’ve got to learn him. It was quite good with what they feel works best for myself is different. What works better for me. I feel like being in the big fat being a bigger case of getting in top back, learning to dig, he always been like the dog getting used to the occasional versatility is only gonna make them better. And you could see the develop every five cause into development in my box and ability. If you look at like 10 fights ago, well several fights ago that need to take, for example, when I boxed for the southern area, tackle him, forget the gap, 12 and older than me. Now I’ve bought one and you can see difference which that guy probably better than that guy. And how odd this bachelor. So development is massive. Every fat. I think that works best for me.

Speaker 2: So learning properly because it’s not a game when you’re in there and you’ll find something board level. Everyone’s got a good chin, everyone’s got, everyone’s got technical ability and Iq. And so though that you want to go in there prepared to dig deep for 12 rounds, they take got shops, you’ve got to take their shots at the Chin is look good, Iq in the box and they’ve been here and that’s what I’m getting myself ready for to live up to your world level, making sure I’ve ticked all the right boxes. I get in there, I know I’ve done everything I’ve meant to do this. The best version of me got to again.

Speaker 1: Oh yeah. So in terms of life, honestly, the platforms that you’ve had there, match room in front of the foot fire and also the bull fight and kind of that showcasing your skills. Do you know your patients and able to kind of explodes Yeah. So I mean in terms of when you move forward into British title fights, is that what your kind of looking to do is kind of also performed pliancy, your abilities be explosive Or also if I just stick to what you’ve been learning in the gym and kind of, yes. Yeah. It’s

Speaker 2: all about my own development to be honest. I do, like I said before, is about developing. How’s your limited from properties You have a booth in the division. I know a lot of people have been tweeting about me per se because they fit me. I just pulled out some pharmacy and morphing into this big old they might see in the limelight or something or winning and they want her mother for the target. You’ve got to just put me over go. So for me, I thought focus on anyone else. I really tunnel vision when we look at the right time to maybe the top five development, that’s what we focus on because it’s not really about people in the division. The best way to map to them the right way and it’s not jumping too quickly, is not not finding anyone. You got us step up accordingly to get yourself

Speaker 1: and obviously we’re public. The mind, the kind of the white boxes accelerate and at the moment a lot more people want you to be in those big price out tear ups. We’ve done lots of Johnson Brunetti Yard, Sammy tons of for yourself. It’s kind of just your, your own sort of personal outlook on things, how you want to develop tech. Those steps to climb in their ranks and the level,

Speaker 2: everyone knows me and he never turned down. Turned down, no domestic gun. I’ve always been a fan of that. He’s dark day rat that. Okay, cool. The only fight I took down five days. No it was, no, no, just go to training camp. I was set to do six rounds a couple of weeks before came at a camp, got pulled for a four hour long. All I can do for around, well number four round lock against the journeymen and then they called me out for a 12 round British title back with a guide dog or you experiencing the weight category above five days. Notice I jumped at the opportunity. Our ticket people, no, I’m not scared for, for challenges and opportunities, you know, I will take her buttons, I’d have to be smarter now they have to sit back and I had to say, you know what, don’t just keep jumping in everything. Where are you going to do this If you beat him, where does that lead you to Does that develop user file So I’ve got to now find the balance of public Denmark and also personal progress and once I can cross them to move an app for them,

Speaker 1: no it’s fine. And I mean that was kind of a blessing in disguise. The had the Bologna fight and kind of see the way you’ve progressed that you’ve uh, you know, your own developments kind of pushed on now and looking ahead to a very bright 2019

Speaker 2: with the Everyone knew I to go on short notice. I don’t want anything to do with five days. Yes. When in there. And I thought that everyone watch the performance for the guy looks good, but what does he like We’ve got training camp. Is he good if you train or is it not And it was my next big fat and what was going to make the judgment off. I picked all the guy who called me out. I was the underdog, you know, big amateur pedigree, Gv, whatever, whatever, whatever he’s called. Not a big guy, a big punch of south port awkward. And I went out there and dispatching them through the training camp and I just showed everyone what I’m like once I’m trained.

Speaker 1: Well, appreciate you giving us some of your time on the platform is good to have you on. And I’m sure we’ll have you done in the air the studio for the edit, the flood costs on that. Well as the next kind of few weeks before we see your fight fight announcement, hopefully soon. So Craig, thanks for giving us some of your time to support the rats on TV support and they’ve got my back. Thomas Lines wraps on TD, Craig, Richard, or the best top man. Geez.