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Craig ‘Spider’ Richards post Dillian Whyte vs Lucas Browne Press Conference

craig spider richards post dillian whyte vs lucas browne press conference

EJ Boxing Live here with Craig ‘Spider” Richards, fighting at a new weight. You fight light heavyweight?

Alright so that new weight, your new opponent, fighting the undercard Dillian Whyte – Lucas Browne. How’s it feel? How’s training with him?

It’s been great, you know, his camp has been tremendous. It’s gonna be good. Feeling good, feeling confident. Obviously my opponent’s gonna come and bring it. Just got a delivery thing I’ve been working on for fight night.

What kind of things you working on? What did you learn at the Frank Buglioni fight? I mean, in anything, how do you feel that fight went? I mean, close- it went pretty close.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was a good fight. A drawn out fight. You know, obviously being my first 12 rounds, I should’ve took more opportunities than I could’ve. But at the same time, when you only got five days’ notice, you don’t want to gas out, doing those little things like- I was in Ireland when the fight was made. I came back Sunday night, got off the plane, coming to the gym Monday, Tuesday. I had to go to Cardiff on Wednesday so training two days for your first 12 rounder against the British champion. 23 fights, 15 knockouts. He’s a seasoned champion, boxes at world level. Taken out of your 10 fights with no training, it’s kind of- You’re kind of skeptical when to jump on the 1, 2. But that’s the sort of thing I’ve learned. You got to try and go for the opportunities when you can.

Absolutely. So why are we fighting at a new weight?

Oh to be fair, I was losing all my punching power at super middleweight. I was great in camp two weeks before, my punch power stopped him. I keep getting sick. My last three fights, even with the one where I won the title- the O2 against the Portuguese champion, and the one before, I was sick. Three times that I was ill and I thought to myself, I just want to goddamn deliver. So when I came up, even for that fight, I was still light for light heavyweight. And so I delivered 12 rounds with no training camp, so it showed as more my natural weight. Now that I’ve had time to grow into the weight, this is my first fight, proper light heavyweight.

Listen, listen. Guys and the weight, you know. I know we were talking about your opponent- we’re not trying to overlook your opponent, but we’ve got-� Well, actually you got (inaudible – 00:01:52) obviously, I know you probably sparred rounds as well. Well, actually you know, some decent guys up in your thing, I mean- obviously you’ve been a pro longer, but these are the sort of guys in your weight class, now you’re looking at different opponents. What’s your aim? Frank Buglioni has obviously got the British- I think he probably vacated that. Probably looked into (inaudible – 00:02:10).

Yeah, yeah. That’s the aim I’m looking to move up to, was that British and Commonwealth level. We know there’s loads of tremendous fighters at my weight. It’s probably some of the best talents in the UK is at light heavyweight. So you can’t overlook anyone or anything like that, but at the same time I’m not focused on anyone. I’m focused on myself, my journey as me, this is my show, for me. And I’m just- tunnel vision, I’m looking at titles. No point at looking people and opponents because things change every week. You spend your time training, looking at this guy. Next week, he gets beat and then he retires, he’s out of the running. What was your energy doing over there? So you know the belts don’t disappear. They don’t go into non-existence. That’s what you focus on. Focus on the belts, and you focus on your own plan, your own goal and your path. And do things with your time.

Hey man, give a message to your fans, when they expect to see you fight mate? What kind of Craig ‘Spider’ Richards are we gonna expect to see?

You’re gonna see a bit of old Craig ‘Spider’ Richards. I’m gonna put on a nice performance. Obviously it’s boxing, so it’s gonna be a hard fight but I’m looking to go ahead and deliver on a show to be back, basically. My home show, be back. So thanks everyone for the support, the lot of you come down, I got good support coming down this time and I’m really grateful for it. I appreciate them and I appreciate all my sponsors too.

Hey, Craig man. Well, great performance and we’d love to see you again. Thank you.