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Craig Spider Richards reacts to points win over Rui Pavantino on Matchroom Summer Time Brawl-July 2017

craig spider richards reacts to points win over rui pavantino on matchroom summer time brawl july 2017

IFL TV in association with MTK Global. I’m in the O2 Arena today for the Summertime Brawl Show. With me, I’ve got Craig Richards. Nice to see you here. You’ve got another win with Manuel Rui Pavanito?

Yes, one of his names.

He’s got a few names?

He’s got a few names, if you go research him, he’s got about 10 different names on Youtube. But his identity didn’t change with the tattoos, so it’s a bit obvious. But that don’t matter. we worked- He was a very good opponent, he worked every second around, it was tough. We worked, we traded. I boxed him and I got the win.

Now you got a win of-

9 and 0 now.

9 and 0. Big things, big things. When (inaudible – 00:00:59) you can’t start shying away from big fights, I mean, they’re going to come to you now.

They’re going to come. They’ve been meaning to come for a while so, we’ll just keep working and look for bigger things. You know I’ve been in the gym, (inaudible – 00:01:11) for a while. Two weeks ago, caught a sinus infection- a day got postponed. Came back to the gym, grafted hard, got ready for this. I got a W so no complaining. Bit of time off. I’m back to the drawing board.

I didn’t hear your sister tonight, where was she?

She was there, but she was nice and-

She seemed to go-

Yes, she’s been quiet now.

Go on, bruv. And (inaudible – 00:01:30)

Nah, she just sat and enjoyed the boxing. And you know, she enjoyed it, it was a good fight.

How did you find your own performance?

Yes, it was okay. I wasn’t as powerful as I usually am. Obviously bouncing back a bit on the spot. Still, it was good enough to get the job done today so we got in to war at times, and traded at times, boxed at times. So it was just different dimensions I used to get the win today.

What was Pete saying to you in the corner? Because Rui- he was a bit of a difficult opponent there.

Very, very difficult opponent. We knew that being the Portuguese champion, you’re not champion of your country for no reason. So we knew that- Yes, the 90% of his wins, knockout ratio I think- not one of his wins he didn’t knock out so we knew that he was going to be tough. Except we got out there and we done the job. So yes, that was good. Good victory today.

What was Pete saying to you in the corner?

He was like, first three rounds you outbox him more-Thank you very much. Yes, boxing well. The fourth round I think is that I don’t get drawn into a fight. Get back to my boxing, got back in my boxing. Don’t let him push you back two times. I was coming back straight in with him, you know. Different things, different rounds. Depending on how I- based on the last round.

(inaudible – 00:02:37) domestic fights out here for you. I mean, what are you going to do next?

I don’t know, we’re going to the drawing board. Still, Pete has got a say as to what’s best for me next.

Who do you fancy?

I don’t know, you know- We’re going to the drawing board to see who’s available. Because every week, people get beat, towels get changed, hands- People get retired so we’ll see with the new season, who’s winning, who’s the champion, etc.

Hey. Well what have you made of Spider’s points tonight?

Yes, he actually made it, and he’s Spider. It was tough, that kid. I mean, bloody hell. You know you got (inaudible – 00:03:05) for a moment, we catch him. (inaudible – 00:03:08) he’s going to keep coming and coming, he’s like a bull, isn’t he?


But obviously, I looked at him- when we took the fight and (inaudible – 00:03:16) UFC, MMA fights and- under three different names. So he’d been- but yes. Good fight. (inaudible – 00:03:23)

Yes, very good fight.

Who’s next? He says it’s up to you so, it’s up to you.

Yes, well I like to put in- I don’t know. I’ll just speak to Eddie, and then whichever way we go from there. But ideally, I’d like to put in the towel, for maybe October. Something like September. Late September, mid of October. Just depends on who shows up.

My boys, listen. Tonight you got the win. We’ll move forward and see what happens. But until then, Pete, Craig the Spider. This is IFL TV and I’ll catch you real soon.

[00:04:17] [END OF VIDEO]