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Craig ‘Spider’ Richards talks comeback on Whyte/Browne undercard

craig spider richards talks comeback on whyte browne undercard

Alright guys, we’ve got Dale Greg from joined by light heavyweight Craig Richards. How are you doing?

I’m good, thank you.

We’re here for the open workout for the Lucas Browne – Dillian Whyte undercard. When did you the get the call-up to be on there and how excited are you to be on such a big show?

I got called a while back, I think about two months ago that I’ll be on this card. Yes, it’s exciting because I haven’t been in the ring for ages now. So about five months of- it feels good to just be back, you know? Got back from that retirement.

Yeah, yeah. And on- this is you in the comeback trail, and you recently challenged for the British title against Frank Buglioni, who we’ve just seen in the ring warming up there. And how did the loss affect you and what did you learn from it and what you’ve done since then.

Well, to be fair, I took the fight there’s no- I always knew it was an uphill struggle. But it was not really the fight, it was the 12 rounder I was worried about. I didn’t train for 12 rounds. So to get prepared for 12 rounds in two days, that’s what I was worried about. But I went for the 12 rounds, made a good account of myself, so that actually gave me more confidence that now I could do the 12 rounds. So from that I learned what I need to do for the 12 rounds to win. And I’ve been in the gym practicing that.

Absolutely. And you’ve certainly been moving back. You run the show. And your former opponent Frank Buglioni- He is taking on Callum Johnson, a man actually known from the Scottish amateur scene a long time ago. How do you feel Frank gets on against Callum, and do you see yourself facing the winner of that fight?

I don’t know much about Callum. You know more than I do.

Yeah, probably.

So I can’t call it because I’ll come off a bit biased. I’m not about one and not the other so I can’t really call it. I won’t if I don’t know anything about them. So, we just have to wait Saturday night.

And you’ll be making sure to watch that after your fight?

Yes, yes. Of course.

And esta este bueno. If fighting the winner of that fight doesn’t materialize, what do you see for yourself in 2018?

Just one step at a time for me. Just move it forward, that’s all. Keep moving for a chance at a title and that’s all.

And you have a strong support there on Saturday?

Yeah, big support from my home city, South London. It’s gonna be a big support base.

Fantastic. And tickets still available?

Yes, tickets still available.

So all the best for Saturday, thank you very much.

Thank you very much.