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‘Jake Ball called me out on Twitter – Let’s make the fight’ – Craig ‘Spider’ Richards sends message to rival

jake ball called me out on twitter lets make the fight craig richards sends message to rival

Umar Ahmed with IFL TV in association with MTK Global, I’m at the final weigh-in for Whyte-Parker, I’m joined by the Spider, Craig Richards. Craig, what’s been going on with you and Jake Ball? Come and talk to me.

After I finished my last fight, he had tweeted straight away and said that he wants to fight me- to defend his title against me so as a fighter, I’m never gonna say no. So, he tweeted that. Next morning, I woke up, contacted my manager straight away, I said let’s make this fight happen. So at the weigh-in, then we heard that he had a little injury. So he cannot fight. And basically just stalemated me, because then when I said yeah, then it was already- I’ve just been stalemated and waiting so- It is what it is really. He called me out on Twitter and it went from there really.

How much of Jake have you seen?

I mean, his boxing a lot in similar shows so I’ve seen quite a bit of him. He’s seen quite a bit of me. We’ve got similar careers so, yeah. I never really paid too much attention, I’ve seen enough, I’ve watched him, he’s probably watched a bit of me.

Oh you sparred him?

I’ve never sparred with him before, never shared a ring with him so- Yeah, he wasn’t on my radar like that. So I just saw him literally watching- just spectate all the time. So I never took it in too much into account. But it is what it is. You never know who’s got a red dot on your head.

You know when you’re gonna be out next?

Hopefully- I’m ready to go now. I mean, I’ve been in camp obviously, I’ve been in camp with Phil and I’ve been training and I’m raring to go so whenever the date, where is the date set or any negotiations or anything- what happens, I’m ready to go.

But yeah, Jake is the fight you want next, 100%.

That’s the one that’s good for me, that’s the fight I need next. If he’s calling me out, then boy, we gotta go. But we’ll sit down, and see what we can do from here.

Yeah, okay. Pretty hectic here. Confident that your boy Dillian’s gonna do the business?

100%. 100%, he’s trained really hard, been in camp, smashing time and smashing everything. He’s done everything, he’s in the- earned what’s (inaudible – 00:02:06) So nothing left now. Just fight now, really. He’s done everything behind the scenes, and he’s keeping- and execute the game plan, and he should do the business.

Okay, it’s up, man. Craig, look forward to seeing what happens with you and Jake Ball, but for now, thanks from IFL.