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‘Spider’ Richards Answers the Call in Style


In the last feature, we spoke about the level of ambition, mentality and ability it takes to succeed in professional boxing. It was clear, from a post-fight interview given by Craig ‘Spider’ Richards, he has these qualities and can therefore go a long way in the professional fight game. As a professional boxer, it pays to be ready and this means keeping yourself at the peak of your physical condition.

You never know when an opportunity may present itself and those fighters willing to work hard and maintain their fitness and fight sharpness will eventually get the reward they deserve.

Richards knows himself how quickly a fight can be called off, as he recently experienced the heartbreak of a last-minute cancellation. The Englishman was due to fight at the NXTGEN show in Bethnal Green but his opponent, Tyan Booth was too light for the bout and was forced to withdraw.

This is the most infuriating time for a boxer, especially when the hard yards have been put in to get prepared for the fight. We are not only talking physical conditioning but also mental application and the work which goes in to studying the style of the opponent before a fight.

This is just another one of the many setbacks a professional boxer must learn to deal with when trying to make it to the top of the sport.

However, boxing has a funny way of showing you it cares and just when Richards was having to deal with missing out on his latest fight and having the door slammed shut in his face, a new door opened.

Following the cancellation of his fight against Booth, Richards received the news he would be boxing on the undercard of the Ryan Burnett vs Zhanat Zhakiyanov fight in Belfast, which was being shown live on Sky Sports.

After the cancellation of his fight at the NXTGEN show, Richards said “I had been buzzing and was looking forward to putting on a good performance and then that happened.

“I was just frustrated, upset, and a bit disappointed. I felt a bit down about it and was waiting in suspense.”

When he got the news of his call up to the undercard of the Burnett vs Zhakiyanov bout, Richards commented “I’m ecstatic because I finally get to fight, I have never boxed in Belfast before.”

Richards took on Norbert Szekeres and wasted little time in getting to grips with his opponent. Perhaps using the frustration of what happened with his previous fight, Richards channelled his frustration into a clinical boxing performance.

With just 3 rounds gone, Richards brought an end to the fight with a stoppage win and now boasts 10 straight wins as a professional boxer.

Not only has Richards proven his worth again in the ring, he has also underlined his professional, unfaltering attitude and mentality.

To go from the despair of having a fight cancelled to stepping up and delivering a victory at the last minute, has only served to enhance Craig ‘Spider’ Richards.