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Told Eddie Hearn come see my fight, then said where do I sign? Craig Spider Richards on Buglioni-October 2017

craig spider richards on buglioni october 2017

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Kugan Cassius, IFL TV (inaudible – 00:00:15) we’re in Cardiff here for the Public Workout ahead of the Joshua-Takam. I’m joined by Craig “Spider” Richards.


How are you mate?

I’m good, I’m good. How are you?

So I’m all good, I’m all good. Yes, you got the call. Eddie kind of interested before. You fought last there. Now I (inaudible – 00:00:34) you and Pete about how you feel about this and you aren’t going to give up this opportunity.

No, no way. He asked me, and I said, that’s a big opportunity. Sometimes opportunities don’t come the time you think they’re going to come. Opportunities don’t sometimes come around twice. As soon as he told me the opportunity was there, I said yes, of course. So that’s what it is and now we’re here. So looking forward to Saturday night.

Absolutely. Now you’re kind of a new entry in to the light heavyweight mix. And Frank Buglioni is there now, who obviously- he made that transition a little while ago but is there an argument that this kind of caliber of fight is too early for you as well? Or not?

People going to say that on paper, saying he’s only 10 and 0. It’s too early but- what you don’t understand is I’ve been gauging this for a little while like, on my nine fights before, last week. I had three, light heavyweight before. Which was all quick stoppages. Last week, coming back to light heavyweight, another quick stoppage. So four out of four light heavyweights, been four stoppages. So I realized of course that was my comfortable weight. I wasn’t really getting rid of them at super middleweight. I was losing my punch power and losing my energy. Now, at light heavyweight I’m very comfortable so yes, I thought I’m going to challenge myself, you know? Let’s look at a big name and he’s offered this to me. And what am I in the game for? I know a lot of guys in the game but they want easy wins, build their record. But for me, I’m made to be champion. Progression toward champion, big titles and that’s what it’s about. So if I got presented this, and turned it down, I’m not really in the game for anything. Because people would be like, oh yes, but he ain’t had the 12-week preparation and all this and that. But it’s just like, sometimes, stop worrying too much thinking about, oh I don’t have the 12-week preparation. No, you go out there. If you believe in yourself, go and show that you believe in yourself and go for it. So I thought, you know what, let’s go champ.

Yes, (inaudible – 00:02:30) not too long ago he said, the carrot was dangled to you before your last fight so- To come through that- so yes, what was the conversation with Eddie when he spoke to you about this?

He kind of presented it to me, I said oh yes that sounds good. Obviously I was getting ready for my fight. He talked to me straight off of my fight. So obviously, in my end, at first I was look, let me carry- I was going to actually carry the fight through the rounds, and then I got to- No, no. Let me see if I still got it. So I was pressed on him a bit, and I obviously dropped him and then he got up and I stopped him. And I thought, ok cool, got a couple out and got a stoppage so I felt good. Went back, we sat at the table, spoke. Said where do I sign? I didn’t forget my pen. I was joking.

I don’t know, but was it distracting? Would you rather had that after your fight or what?

It was, slightly, because you’re like- The thing is I don’t like to overlook anyone. Although it was- he was just a tough guy. I (inaudible – 00:03:29) that’s how upsets happen, before you know it. (inaudible – 00:03:33) because you’re thinking about next week. So I just said, alright look. Let me just concentrate on this. Concentrating on that. Straight away I said, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll take that, as soon as I won that, I put that in the back of my mind and went forward and took the offer.

Alright, and the rest is history.

The rest is history. Well, still to be written on Saturday.

We shall see. Alright listen Craig, thanks from IFL TV and you have a press conference tomorrow here in Cardiff so, yes, it should be a good week. And that’s it. It’s a short notice for you-

I know. No one was really taking-

Especially after you fighting the other day as well.

Yes, the fight cancelled two weeks ago. Got myself back up for last week, and then got told for a British title 12 round for this week. So, I know a lot of people be like, you’re crazy. But I’m here to fight, I’m here to win things, I’m here to be a champion. That’s where it’s at.

Good attitude. Alright, Craig, thank you very much for your time for IFL TV and we’ll catch up with you in the waiting room.

Thank you.

[00:04:47] [END OF VIDEO]