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‘We working now at Light Heavyweight – Craig ‘Spider’ Richards

we working now at light heavyweight

It’s yo boy, Frankie B., reporting for PepTalkUK. And I’m joined by the man himself, we working. [makes noise] Craig ‘Spider’ Richards. How you doing bro?

I’m good, I’m good Frankie. Thank you. Are you good?

I’m doing well, I’m doing well. You’re back at the big stage, at York Hall. At Wednesday, the 6th of June. How you feeling champ?

I feel good, you know. I feel good, obviously got added into the bill late notice, but I’m always in the gym, ready, raring to go. So should be a good run out Wednesday. The guy, obviously, I’m not taking him lightly at all. He’s had 15 wins, 13 by KO. Lost about five or six so we know that he’s a good puncher. Risky fight but I’m switched on, I can deliver so looking forward to it.

Do you feel a lot more at ease at the new weight?

Oh, a lot more at ease. Because when I looked back at everything-

The training?

Look, every time I box, that’s to the middleweight limit, except the British title fight, I’ve got- the five or six times, I’ve got my opponent out every three rounds. Anytime I was boxing to middleweight I was winning on points. So we can say I’m a big puncher at light heavyweight, but I’m just skilled at super middleweight. So now I’m trying to combine it together, get the best of me at light heavyweight now.

Yeah, because I feel like in the last fight, I felt like you gave a good count in yourself. I feel like you done yourself proud and I felt like you enhanced your reputation even further.

Yeah it did, because obviously I took the five days’ notice-

Yeah, massive big-up.

Only two days training, after being four-round fit, to go for a-

That’s why we working. That’s why we working, baby.

That’s why we working. So we went in there, obviously, against all the odds, obviously only ten fights- pro at the time. He was 23, 15 knockouts. We knew that he’s more experienced. We knew he was the bigger weight at the time. And we knew he had a full camp and- In short notice so all the odds was against me. But you know as a fighter, you get presented a fight, it’s like, let’s go. So I fought and I believed I could do it. Come up short in points. Maybe I didn’t press as hard as I should have, because obviously in the back of my mind, I didn’t train for it, I didn’t have a camp for it. You’re not pressing as much as you should but you live and you learn, so I’m back now.

Yeah. So what’s the plan moving forward after Wednesday night?

So I got a quick win last time at the 25th bill. Got a good stoppage, got on a good performance again. Not taking him lightly, but I hope to get a good win out, putting a good display and I’mma challenge for title straight away. That’s the plan.

My chief. Thank you, my chief, thanks for the time. All the best Wednesday night.

Cheers. Thank you.

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