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1.8m Horizontal Brace

1.8m Horizontal Brace

Do you need a 1.8m Horizontal Brace? We provide the parts and extensions, should you want to increase or adapt your current system. We also understand that in most industries parts will need to be repaired or replaced, so we also supply the smallest of components too! This has become a lot easier and beneficial to our customers since we opened our foundry and started producing our castings.

Our 1.8m Horizontal Brace fully complies with the latest UK regulations, product standards, and requirements.

When planning the use of scaffold towers, safety and the use of the best quality most suitable equipment is vital. Be sure to check out this scaffold towers checklist by the HSE.

LTC18H – 1.8m Horizontal Brace

  • Color-coded brace hooks for easy assembly.
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminum.
  • All Horizontal and Diagonal Braces come with brace hooks on both ends to enable secure fastening while assembling your scaffold tower.
  • Offers customary security and structural rigidity.
  • For use with scaffold towers at a Length of 1.8m.


Material – Aluminium
Dimensions/Length (m): 1.8m

£29.27 Inc VAT
£24.39 Exc VAT

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