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Industrial Staging Boards

LEWIS Scaffold Towers has the finest staging boards (a.k.a youngman board) on the market today.

Our staging board has a lightweight aluminium frame. Making it effortless to move around for indoor and outdoor use.

But, it’s also a heavy-duty aluminium frame. So, it’s tough and strong. Holding up to 270 Kilograms (A distributed loading rating). That’s equal to two painters or decorators with their cans of paint and brushes.

It’s all thanks to the aluminium struts underside. And, the stile rubber inserts on the underside prevent movement in use.

The platform surface is non-slip phenol-faced plywood. Giving you extra foot grip in wet weather. Our staging boards come with the added benefit of optional handrail systems for extra security.

Toughened, industrial, heavy-duty rubbers seal the edges to protect the board. Preventing water, ants and small insects from entering the aluminium slats during storage. And, by protecting the aluminium ends of the board when working on demanding sites.

Our staging boards double up as crawler boards in lofts. Offering a safe and secure way to navigate without falling through the ceiling.

Call us for a more bespoke approach to your needs. It’s not a young man’s game; we can all use the right equipment to get the job done.

£197.86 Inc VAT
£164.88£499.50 Exc VAT

For two sides, simply double the order quantity.

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Product Code Board Length (m) Board Width (mm) Weight (kg)
LSB30 3.0 450 15.3
LSB36 3.6 450 19.5
LSB42 4.2 450 22
LSB48 4.8 450 23.5
LSB54 5.4 450 33
LSB60 6.0 450 36.0



Product Code Board Length (m) Board Width (mm) Weight (kg)
LSBL30 3.0 600 20.5
LSBL36 3.6 600 26.2
LSBL42 4.2 600 29.5
LSBL48 4.8 600 31.5
LSBL54 5.4 600 44.5
LSBL60 6.0 600 48.5

Why choose staging boards from LEWIS Access?

At LEWIS Access, we manufacture our staging boards to industry standards. So, we can guarantee the best quality staging boards at manufacturer prices.

We also deliver every staging board, regardless, of the size, free of charge. And, you can use it as soon as tomorrow.

How to use staging boards?

Using our staging boards makes working at height easy and comfortable.

The process is simple – place a set of trestles of the desired height in the intended position.

As our staging boards are lightweight, you'll be able to lift them effortlessly. Lay them across the gap between each trestle.

Before use, check that it's securely in place to minimise any risk of falling.

You can also use staging boards to bridge existing gaps between walls and ceiling studs in the loft.

Always check before using that they're safe to use.

Staging boards with a built-in handrail offer extra safety. Preventing you from misplacing your feet and supporting your balance.

Why use a staging board instead of a step ladder?

While a step ladder is useful when working at height, it doesn't offer enough space. It often means leaving tools and equipment on the ground. With a staging board, you can place your tools and equipment on it (although, this can be a trip hazard).

Also, standing on a ladder for extended durations isn't the most comfortable. Especially for your calf muscles. Staging boards are more pleasurable to use.

Lastly, a step ladder doesn't have a platform to freely move around to reach different areas. You'll have to move it around often. But, not with a staging board. You can move around on it.

Are staging boards safe to use?

At LEWIS Access, our staging boards meet industry standards. So, they're safe to use from a regulatory perspective.

While ladders can slide and tip, our staging boards are sturdy. And, with handrails, it's even safer.

What is the max load you can put on a staging board?

We offer the leading load of 30 tonnes. Equal to two painters or decorators with cans and brushes.