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LEWIS Access manufacturers and supplies British quality scaffold towers and other access equipment since 2004.
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Advanced Guard Rail Towers

Advanced Guard Rail Scaffold Tower

Fr £1020.94

250 Industrial Scaffold Towers

250 Scaffold Towers (8 Rung)
Fr £654.91

Lift Shaft Towers

Stairwell Scaffold Towers
Fr £764.99

Lift Shaft Towers

Liftshaft Towers
Fr £943.99

Welcome to LEWIS Access is the official online website for LEWIS Access's scaffold towers, ladders and other access equipment. It is the only place where you can buy the complete LEWIS Access range under one roof and at the manufacturer's prices. 

LEWIS Access offers safe, research-proven UK-manufactured products that produce real access solutions – it’s why we’re trusted by so many tradesmen and businesses across the UK. The whole process from manufacturing every scaffold tower to delivery is managed by us, so you can be assured the service, quality and trust from our website will be to the same high standards as you have come to expect from our products. We will not make any outrageous claims about 'miracle' scaffold towers, and strive for accurate product descriptions across the board. 

We have a dedicated customer service centre for placing orders and account management. Our customer service team is also happy to help you with any aluminium scaffold tower or access equipment advice you may need, such as helping you decide the right products for you. As a family-run business, we welcome any feedback you may have, as we are continually striving to improve our service.

We have the scaffolding and height access solutions that fit any project requirement. Whether you need standard towers or bespoke towers, we stock a wide range of aluminium scaffold tower products including, mini scaffold towers, podium steps, industrial span towers as well as more specialised equipment like advanced guard rail towers (AGR) and scaffolding accessories. AT LEWIS Access, we are proud to be the UK’s leading manufacturer of scaffolding towers.

BSEN1004:2020 - Important Changes You Need to Know!

BS EN 1004-1:2020

In 2020, there were a number of changes to improve scaffold tower user safety across the UK, such as castor wheel improvements and reducing platform distances. And, in 2021, additional changes came into effect with relation to user manuals. These changes affect LEWIS Scaffold Towers, and we’ve continued to conform with the standards, so that our towers are safer than ever before for our customers.

Key changes of EN 1004 that improve the safety for our customers:

  • Scaffold towers under 2.5 metres are now covered by the standard, which means stabilisers may be required for additional stability. You’ll need to refer to our updated user manual for the scaffolding tower you’ve purchased.
  • Improvements to castor wheels to prevent them from falling out, and improvements to the platform, so that it’s secured at both ends.
  • The following two improvements limit the distance a user you could potentially fall:
    • The distance between each platform has decreased from 4.2 metres to 2.25 metres.
    • The distance between the first platform and the ground has decreased from 4.6 metres to 3.4 metres.
  • Scaffold tower instruction manuals are more comprehensive and user-friendly. For example, clear and concise instructions with supporting images.

Why Buy LEWIS Scaffold Towers?

How reputable is LEWIS Access?

LEWIS Access is a reputable manufacturer of mobile scaffold towers in the UK. We've been in business since 2004 and are renowned for our quality, durability, and safety when it comes to aluminium towers.

We have over 480 5-star rated reviews on Google and over 2,500 5-star rated reviews on TrustPilot. It's safe to say, we know what we're doing and our customers love that about us.

How will I receive my scaffold tower?

Following frequent poor service from external delivery companies, we invested in our own fleets of vans and drivers alongside comprehensive logistics software.

As a result, we're able to deliver scaffold towers from our factory to your front door throughout the UK without damage or loss of items. Typically, within a day or two of order.

What is the refund and return policy?

Return your scaffold tower within 30 days and in its original condition and packaging for a full refund unless it's bespoke or made to order. See our return policy for more details.

Can anyone use a scaffold tower?

A tower scaffold can be assembled by a competent trained person after a risk assessment has been done and then signed off. Additionally a pre-use inspection must be carried out before any person starts to work at a height on the tower.

What is a scaffold tower?

A tower scaffold a free-standing working platform that can be used to work more safely at various heights. The erection and dismantling of mobile access towers must be carried out by trained people who are competent in carrying out these important tasks.

How long is your warranty period?

We won’t use false marketing slogans as “lifetime guarantee” or “lifetime warranty”, instead we have our products fully backed by limited time “insurance backed guarantee”. That means if you have any issues later with the product, you can claim directly from the insurance company on the certificate. If you have any issue with the scaffold tower, we’re just a phone call away. We provide lifetime support. We offer 100% satisfaction to our customers, before, during, and after you have purchased.

Can anyone build a scaffold tower?

The quick answer is no! To build or erect a scaffold tower safely and correctly people who are trained competently should only be allowed to do so. People using tower scaffolds also known as mobile access towers need to be properly trained in all aspects of erecting, dismantling and working on towers.