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Triple Heavy Duty Ladder

Features of our robust triple heavy duty ladder:

  • Class 1 (175kg) max permissible load, including user & tools
  • A massive 32mm rectangular ‘box’ section sides for extra strength and rigidity
  • Large ‘D’ shaped rungs positioned at the correct angle for maximum comfort
  • Perfect twist-proof rung joint
  • Large swivel non-slip feet fitted as standard
  • Extra width between the sides for superior comfort and safety

These industrial ladders were designed for the toughest challenges. Originally manufactured for the West Coast Fire Brigade, this over-engineered marvel surpasses all expectations. Without a doubt, it stands as the undisputed champion among ladders in the UK, in our opinion.

This triple heavy duty extension ladder with large Rubber supper grip foot underwent rigorous testing back in 2017 and achieved the prestigious BS 2037 Class 1 certification from the esteemed BSI (standard withdrawn)

However, it is important to note that with a stabiliser bar fitted the ladder conforms and is certified to the current EN131 Professional Standard. This Ladder comes standard with the rubber feet as in the pictures. Please contact us if you require Stabiliser bar rather than Large Rubber feet.

With its unmatched strength, intelligent design, and unwavering commitment to safety, these extension ladders surpass all expectations. Invest in the ladder that has been trusted by professionals, including firemen and women.

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Double Heavy Duty Ladders (Industrial Ladders)

Product Code Closed Length Open Length Rungs per Section Weight (Kg) Width (mm)
GBXi220 2.0M 3.0M 7 9 530
GBXi225 2.5M 4.0M 9 11 530
GBXi230 3.0M 5.0M 11 14 530
GBXi235 3.5M 6.0M 13 17 530
GBXi240 4.0M 7.0M 15 25 530
GBXi245 4.5M 8.0M 17 28 530
GBXi250 5.0M 9.0M 19 30 530
GBXi255 5.5M 10.0M 21 33 530


Triple Heavy Duty Ladders (Industrial Ladders)

Product Code Closed Length Open Length Rungs per Section Weight (Kg) Width (mm)
GBXi320 2.0M 5.0M 7 23 530
GBXi325 2.5M 5.5M 9 28 530
GBXi330 3.0M 7.0M 11 33 530
GBXi335 3.5M 8.5M 13 35 530
GBXi340 4.0M 10.0M 15 44 530


triple heavy duty ladders industrial ladders triple heavy duty ladders industrial ladders rubber feet no stabliser industrial ladders heavy duty ladders 175kg


Towers & Sanders Ltd have designed & manufactured our own Brand of Access Equipment here in the UK since 2003. Our products comply with international standards old and new, including BS EN131-1993, BS1129, BS2037 Class 1,

Quality Assured Industrial Extension Ladders

Our Company works to the highest standards and is proud to achieve a formal Quality Management System registered to BS EN ISO 9001:
  • Adjustable height. No matter what height you’re working at, extension ladder can be set to match for your convenience.
  • Ease of storage. Being able to collapse to almost half the extended length makes storing the double extension ladder convenient. It also makes it easier to transport.
  • Safe to use. With any ladder, user safety should always be a number one priority. Our quality extension ladders come with a variety of safety features like secure non-slip grip rubber feet to ensure that you’re safe at all times during use.

Below are some very useful links

Testing of the Industrial Ladders to BSEN2037(class 1)by BSI back in 2017 at our Factory (standard withdrawn)

triple heavy duty extension ladders being tested for industry

Questions to ask before you buy?

  • Do you want to comply with The Health & Safety Executive?
  • Do you want a British standard KITEMARKED product
  • Looking for a quality scaffold tower system at the right price?
  • Want to deal direct with no middleman adding their margins?
  • Do you want to get this purchase right?

If you have any questions regarding what size towers you should be purchasing or even what type of scaffolding would be correct for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help with all your access needs no matter how low. As of 2010, we now have our own in-house health and safety officer available to answer all your questions on best practices and procedures when dealing with working at height. He will also be available to answer question not just related to scaffold towers but all types of health and safety.
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