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NOTE: We supply the correct amount of components with all our towers. please keep this in mind when shopping/ comparing on the internet.

3T Industrial Scaffold Tower

This aluminium industrial tower is highly durable and customisable. Manufactured by ourselves, it not only meets the British standards to the letter, but it’s safe and made to last you a lifetime. 

Choose between two different sizes in terms of width: single (0.85m) or double (1.45m). You can also choose the length to further customise the workspace size on the platform: 1.8m or 2.5m.

It also has 23 different working heights to choose from. Starting with a working height of 3.2m (platform height 1.2m) right up to 14.2m (platform height 12.2m).

To help you select the right customisations to ensure you order the right dimensions, we have added an image showing the width, length and height. If in doubt, or you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via our live chat. 

£707.35 Inc VAT
£589.46£2,789.83 Exc VAT

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The LEWIS Industrial Scaffold Towers

  • It is certified to the latest BSI Kitemark with respect to BSEN 1004-1 2020 (Class 3) safety standard for your safety and reassurance. We can provide a copy of our certificates upon request.
  • Super increased rigidity.
  • Single Width Towers are 900mm Externally.
  • Double Width Towers a 1500mm Externally.
  • Fully compatible with SGB BoSS Towers – whether you have purchased or hired them from another organisation.
  • Integral ladders with comfortable D section for secure footing. Inferior imports have oval-shaped or rectangular 30mm diameter bars.
  • 50.8mm diameter aluminium tube with a 1.8mm wall thickness. Inferior imports have 30mm – 40mm diameter ‘poles’.
  • Frame horizontals have 500mm spacing and ribbed tubing for increased grip.
  • Two frame widths: 850mm or 1450mm.
  • 3 deck lengths: 1.8m, 2.5m and introducing our new 3.2m.
  • Self-closing trapdoors & simple wind lock clips.
  • Safe working load of 275kg per platform level up to a maximum of 950kg per tower (including self-weight). Inferior imports vary from 125kg to 200kg, but never to the current standard. Please be aware of this important difference.
  • Patented trigger-operated locking claws.
  • Fluted floating spigots for easy assembly & dismantling. Inferior imports do not have this at all.
  • 150mm locking castors with a certified weight load of 925kg.
  • A unique deck extruded profile protects the edge of the deck board.
  • Lifetime support – we are a phone call away. We offer 100% satisfaction to our customers before, during and after you have purchased.

Robust components that make up our Industrial LEWIS Scaffold Towers

Components   Components   Components
Adjustable Legs/Wheels   Locking Frame Clip   Integral Ladder
Components   Components   Components
Stabiliser Foot   Stabliser Clamp   Brace Hook
Components   Components    
Platform Hook   Platform Trap Deck    

Key Benefits with our Industrial LEWIS Scaffold Tower standard specification

  • Patented Colour Coded Brace hook
  • Traditional 60mm x 25mm styled Internal Ladder
  • Exact tolerance British standard specification aluminium tube
  • British Standard KITEMARK, lifetime guarantee
  • High strength Dual Locking Castors for safety
  • Adjustable legs for fast adjustment on uneven ground
  • Platforms have damage-resistant claws
  • Floating spigot makes erecting & dismantling our scaffold towers effortless

Questions to ask before you buy?

  • Do you want to comply with The Health & Safety Executive?
  • Do you want a British standard KITEMARKED product
  • Looking for a quality scaffold tower system at the right price?
  • Want to deal direct with no middleman adding their margins?
  • Do you want to get this purchase right?

If you have any questions regarding what size towers you should be purchasing or even what type of scaffolding would be correct for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help with all your access needs no matter how low. As of 2010, we now have our own in-house health and safety officer available to answer all your questions on best practices and procedures when dealing with working at height. He will also be available to answer question not just related to scaffold towers but all types of health and safety.
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