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The Lewis Safe Brace

The Safe Brace

An innovative carrying and storage device for Scaffold Tower Braces.

The Safe Brace

£119.99 +VAT

Product Information

  • An innovative carrying & storage device for Scaffold Tower Braces
  • Carries up to ten braces, all lengths & all makes
  • Allows total control when transporting
  • Made from toughened lightweight plastic
  • Easy storage of braces when not in use
  • Transporting towers will never be easier


Manual handling, how important is it to you?

More than a third of all over-three-day injuries reported each year to HSE and local authorities are caused by manual handling.

Another good product for good manual handling practices is the Scaffold Tower Bumpers.

Here is a handy scaffold tower checklist from the HSE that will help you analyse the correct scaffold tower, any accessories or upgrades that are fitting for the work you are doing.


Brand NameThe Safe Brace®
Amount of bracesUp to 10 braces
Height of the unit398mm
Width of the unit200mm
HandleSoft Grip Molded
Material specToughened polypropylene



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