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What material are your towers made from?

All the access equipment we manufacture are made from Aluminium.

What is the difference between platform height & working height?

The platform height is where you physically stand. The working height is an estimated reach, based on the person using the equipment, covering a 2m height with arms up.

Where are the towers manufactured?

We manufacture these towers ourselves, here in our factory in London. All equipment is shipped directly from us here.

What brand/make are the towers?

The brand we manufacture is LEWIS.

Can we collect from your factory in London?

Absolutely. We are more than happy for you to come in, purchase and collect your equipment. Please ring us prior to arriving, to ensure you are not waiting for your tower to be manufactured.

Can we purchase parts additionally at a later date?

Yes of course. Every component and part on the equipment is available to purchase from us separately. As well as you purchasing additional sections to increase or change the height of your towers.

All towers look the same, what makes them different?

There are significant differences between different brands/models of scaffold tower. Making the wrong choice could sometimes not only waste your money, but also be a potential health and safety threat. It is imperative, if you are unsure of what you a buying, call us. We can explain the differences, and advise you. The main factors you need to consider when choosing: Certification & specification, Insurance & having a supplier in years to come when you need anything else for your tower!

Why pay more?

ISO 9001We are passionate about British made, craftsman built, high quality products.

As you deal direct with the manufacturer, there are no middlemen, no shops, no dealers, making our prices exceptionally good value. all at factory direct prices!

Sold to the hire industry, tradesman & end users throughout the UK at realistic prices.

Questions to ask before you buy?

  • Do you want to comply with The Health & Safety Executive?
  • Do you want a British standard KITEMARKED product
  • Looking for a quality scaffold tower system at the right price?
  • Want to deal direct with no middleman adding their margins?
  • Do you want to get this purchase right?

If you have any questions regarding what size towers you should be purchasing or even what type of scaffolding would be correct for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help with all your access needs no matter how low. As of 2010, we now have our own in-house health and safety officer available to answer all your questions on best practices and procedures when dealing with working at height. He will also be available to answer question not just related to scaffold towers but all types of health and safety.
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