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Industrial Scaffold Towers

We deliver the highest quality access scaffold tower products at the right price. Our towers are BS kitemarked to EN1004. Making and selling high-end quality industrial towers and other access equipment since 2004!

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  • 3T Industrial Scaffold Tower

    Single width Lewis industrial scaffold tower £707.35 Inc VAT
    £589.46£2,789.83 Exc VAT
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  • AGR Towers

    Advanced Guard Rail Towers £1,296.34 Inc VAT
    £1,080.28£3,012.87 Exc VAT
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  • 250 Industrial Scaffold Towers (8 Rung)

    250 Industrial Scaffold Towers £860.98 Inc VAT
    £717.48£2,656.67 Exc VAT
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  • Miniscaff Solo

    £1,517.65 Inc VAT
    £1,264.71£1,576.38 Exc VAT
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  • LEWIS Trade Folding Towers (Miniscaff)

    £487.81 Inc VAT
    £406.51£1,305.86 Exc VAT
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  • Bespoke Scaffold Towers

    bespoke scaffold towers £0.00 Inc VAT
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Why LEWIS Access for Scaffold Towers?

  • Manufacturing scaffold towers since 2004
  • UK's leading manufacturer of scaffold towers
  • Made in Britain, not imported from China
  • Manufacturer prices, no low-quality towers with middlemen profits
  • Insurance-back guarantee (valid warranty if we ever go bust)
  • Conforms with BS EN 1004
  • All components included
  • Access to spares
  • Free delivery via our own drivers
  • 30-day refund guarantee
  • 2,500+ reviews

Scaffold Tower Range at LEWIS Access

  • 3T Industrial Scaffold Tower - market-leading access tower for professional users.
  • AGR Towers - integrated guardrail for additional safety.
  • 250 Towers - added flexibility of platform heights.
  • Miniscaff - perfect for solo use, especially within buildings (it's also the perfect DIY scaffold tower).
  • Trade Folding Towers - most suitable for regular transportation.
  • Lift Shaft Towers - allowing engineers to work safely in lift shafts.

Features of Our Scaffold Towers


We only manufacture aluminium scaffold towers. They're highly durable, so they'll probably last you for years. While also being lightweight, which makes them easy to manoeuvre.

British Standards (BS EN 1004)

Our towers conform to British Standards (BS EN 1004). You can be sure you're investing in high-quality scaffold towers, protecting you and your colleagues.

All Components

When you buy a LEWIS Access scaffold tower, there are no hidden extras. We supply all of the components you need, so you can safely assemble it once we've hand-delivered it.

Anti-Slip Platform Surfaces and Toe-boards

Rain shouldn't stop you from getting the job done. All our towers have an anti-slip platform, so you can continue working safely in the rain. With a set of toe-boards, it'll prevent you and your colleagues from putting your toes over the edge of the platform.

Snap-Lock Guardrails or Integrated Guardrails

Each scaffold tower has guardrails for additional safety when working at height. You can choose a tower with high-quality snap-lock guardrails, which require connecting to the tower as you assemble it. Or the AGR Tower for integrated guardrail to reduce the risk of human error.


You can use our adjustable scaffold towers for almost every job, whether you need low-level height inside a building or high-level height outside a building.


You can customise the maximum working height of all our industrial scaffold towers. With the 3T, AGR and 250, you can choose a single or double-width tower, depending on your required platform space.

Integrated Ladder

Every scaffold tower we manufacture comes with an integrated ladder. This space-saving and efficient assembly design allows you to store the tower in small spaces while getting started with the job sooner.

Adjustable Castors with Dual-Lock

Effortlessly adjust the height of each of our high-quality castors to ensure the tower and platform are level and lock them into place for enhanced safety.

Optional Features

Scaffold Tower Ties

For added safety, attach a mental bar to the wall, hook it to the scaffold tower, and tie it together.

Scaffold Tower Bumpers

Are you concerned about damaging the wall? Consider bumpers to protect both the wall and the tower.

Bespoke Scaffold Towers

At LEWIS Access, we have the expertise to design and the equipment to manufacture bespoke scaffold towers. Let's talk if you need something different from our trade scaffold towers.

Questions to ask before you buy?

  • Do you want to comply with The Health & Safety Executive?
  • Do you want a British standard KITEMARKED product
  • Looking for a quality scaffold tower system at the right price?
  • Want to deal direct with no middleman adding their margins?
  • Do you want to get this purchase right?

If you have any questions regarding what size towers you should be purchasing or even what type of scaffolding would be correct for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help with all your access needs no matter how low. As of 2010, we now have our own in-house health and safety officer available to answer all your questions on best practices and procedures when dealing with working at height. He will also be available to answer question not just related to scaffold towers but all types of health and safety.