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Podium Steps

We offer a comprehensive selection of podium steps.

At LEWIS, we manufacture our industrial steps to the highest standards. Thus, they meet all current Health & Safety regulations.

These podiums are highly popular. So, we are distributing them across the UK every day. But, we can also manufacture bespoke podiums to fit any sized project.

LEWIS Podiums come with rails to reduce the risk of falls from working at height. As well as being safe, our industrial podium steps are easy to erect by one person. They are also very compact, making your life easier when transporting and storing.

£449.45 Inc VAT
£374.54£694.19 Exc VAT

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podium steps from LEWIS Scaffold Towers

Industrial All-In-One (Best Seller) - Price List (ex VAT)

Platform Height: 0.75m
Working Height: 2.75m

£348 +VAT

Platform Height: 1.00m
Working Height: 3.00m

£364 +VAT

Platform Height: 1.25m
Working Height: 3.25m

£394 +VAT

Platform Height: 1.50m
Working Height: 3.50m

£510.99 +VAT

Platform Height: 1.75m
Working Height: 3.75m

£560.56 +VAT

Platform Height: 2.00m
Working Height: 4.00m
*Includes 1x Pair of Stabilisers

£645 +VAT

Podium Steps Features

  • 55" Rubber castors (anti slip), which are lockable as standard  
  • 1 piece podium, built-in steps and climbing bars
  • 2" industrial scaffold tube – 50.8mm diameter
  • A platform 650mm wide and 650mm long which folds away when not in use.
  • A lockable safety gate with a pull ring Hook, for extra stability
  • Very compact, making for easy & safe storage. Podiums can fit on the roof rack or in the boot of an estate car/van
  • Easily Manoeuvrable internally and externally
  • We can offer discount if you are buying multiple units
  • Anti-surf Upgrade available – The podium will be supplied with 2 Wheels, 2 Base Plates
  • Stabiliser Upgrade available – The podium will be supplied with 2x detachable stabilisers
  • Self-Closing gate upgrade available – Dependant on the Health & Safety on your site, this may be required
  • Next day delivery Is available on orders before 1pm

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Why pay more?

ISO 9001We are passionate about British made, craftsman built, high quality products.

As you deal direct with the manufacturer, there are no middlemen, no shops, no dealers, making our prices exceptionally good value. all at factory direct prices!

Sold to the hire industry, tradesman & end users throughout the UK at realistic prices.

What are podium steps?

Podium steps are like a step ladder. The design of our podium steps is to help you work at low to medium heights with a degree of safety.

Due to its design, the common use case is warehouse steps. But, they are versatile. So, they are suitable for a range of industrial and trade settings. For instance, painters and decorators love them.

With any of our podium steps, you can manoeuvre with ease. Whether in a warehouse or in somebody's living room. Because we equip each podium step with castors.

Unlike a step ladder, our podium steps have a stable, non-slip platform. Working at height has never been more comfortable and safer for extended periods.

Also, our podium steps have handrails. This feature reduces accidental falls from the platform.

Can a podium step topple?

Podium steps are practical. Because they are self-supporting. This eliminates the need to lean them against a wall for stability during use.

The inherent versatility allows for use in various locations. And, the sturdy design minimises the risk of toppling over.

Before use, we recommend applying the brakes on the castors. This prevents any potential rolling and sliding while in use.

Do podium steps have wheels?

We equip our podium steps castors, so they include wheels. This allows effortless movement from one location to another.

Before climbing up to the anti-slip platform, we recommend checking the brakes. Slipping and sliding while working at height is dangerous.

Why choose our podium steps?

Our tower podium platforms provide a secure and safe area to work. Because we equip the robust frame with handrails and an anti-slip platform. They not only meet the standards but aim to last a lifetime.

Why use podium steps?

Podium scaffold towers are robust. And, come with features that enhance safety when working at height. Especially, when we compare it to step ladders and platform ladders. Plus, the wheels make it easier to manoeuvre.

Choice of working heights. Small podium steps with a working height of 2.75 metres, ideal for painting walls and ceilings. A tall podium scaffold tower offers a working height of 4 metres, ideal for hard-to-reach areas.