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10 Superb Budget-Friendly Ceiling Design Ideas


Want to spice up your rooms and get rid of that boring white ceiling? Learn how to decorate the ceiling on a budget by looking at these unique ceiling design ideas.

1- Apply the same colour to the ceiling as to the walls

Painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls is the simplest way to decorate it. There’s no need to think about it any further; it will undoubtedly complement your decor and the additional splash of colour on the ceiling will contribute to making the ceiling and walls flow. You can pick a lighter shade for the ceiling or stick with the same paint colour.

This can be done in a variety of rooms and has the advantage of allowing the space to appear larger. Because no visual cues are separating the ceiling from the walls, your eye perceives everything as one large area. It also goes well with dark colours in tiny spaces where the ceilings and walls are both blacks.

2- Use the wallpaper to get a colour for your ceiling design

The second way to decorate your ceiling is to draw inspiration from something you already own.  If your room has a pattern, such as a rug or wallpaper, try using one of the pattern colours for your ceiling. It unites the entire room and adds spice.


3- Apply a different colour

Trying to paint the ceiling a bright colour that coordinates with the tones in the room is also a very eye-catching and effective way to decorate your room. For example, to create a unified look in your room, match the colour of your ceiling to the colour of the light fixture and the cushions. As the gloss of the paint also captures the light, the darker colour will not make your ceiling appear lower. Please keep in mind that if you have a popcorn style ceiling, using glossy paint will make any bumps stand out even more.

4- A medallion should be added to the ceiling

The installation of a ceiling medallion is the next step in ceiling decoration. Ceiling medallions are a great way to draw attention to your ceiling, especially if you have a beautiful fixture of light that you want to showcase. For example, to draw attention to the chandelier, paint your ceiling medallion gold to contrast with a purple ceiling. Of course, you can paint it in a variety of colours if you want to make a bigger statement.


5- Set up ceiling mouldings

The next ceiling design idea expands on the medallion by incorporating ceiling mouldings. The crown mouldings’ effect on defining and interesting what otherwise would be a large space is charming.

6- Paint stripes

If you’re looking for unique ceiling decoration ideas, the following are some ways to decorate the ceiling that might be just what you’re looking for. Painting stripes on the ceiling may be out of some people’s comfort zone when it comes to ceiling decorating, but it can add a touch of drama to your room. Light stripes function well if you like a lot of colours because they instantly brighten up the entire room.

7- Apply plaid or gingham paint to the ceiling

Another creative ceiling design idea is to paint gingham tiles or slabs to create a geometrical ceiling design. This takes a little more time than stripes, but the result is spectacular.

8- Paint a star-shaped design

The star pattern painted on the entrance ceiling is a one-of-a-kind ceiling design idea.

ceiling design moldings

9- Apply wallpaper to the ceiling

Some may wonder if you can install ceiling wallpaper. You certainly can. Wallpapering the ceiling is difficult, but the outcome can be breathtaking. The ceiling appears higher than it is by painting it the same colour as the wall and then incorporating wallpaper in the middle.

10- Use the adhesive to attach the false zinc ceiling tiles

Don’t want to paint your ceiling? This most recent ceiling design concept is to use faux pewter ceiling tiles. Most surfaces can be glued to with tin-look polystyrene tiles. Even popcorn is permitted, and what’s more, they’re very simple to assemble, with most standard-size parts taking only a few hours.